Mona Lisa Puzzle [CSM0002]

Mona Lisa Puzzle
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A volunteer from the audience examines the pieces of the puzzle and independently selects one out of some completely differently shaped pieces. Once this has been done the magician exposes the puzzle, which is missing one piece. To the audience's amazement, the piece that the volunteer chose is precisely the missing piece!

The Advantages of this Magic:
This magic is stage-oriented, visual and especially impressive.
The magic and notion is fresh and original. Nothing like it has been seen before!
No wear and tear.
No dexterity required.
Suitable at all places under all conditions.
The volunteer's selection of a piece is as independently accomplished as possible.
High quality laminated printing in order to ensure many years of use.

Sie bekommen:
· A plastic transparent Clear Force Bag.
· A 100-piece picture puzzle of the "Mona Lisa" framed, laminated and ready to go.
· 2 x Sets of the "missing" pieces.
· A black velvet fabric cover.
· A instruction.
Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 10.6kg
The product and package actual weight: 3.52kg