Silk through Mirror [CB40089]

Silk through Mirror
Listenpreis 600 US$

A classic silk penetration magic by using mirror. It is known as a trick with full of visual sensation.

Compared with the other version of silk thru morror, the silk can stop at any time or any place as you want.
Also, You even don't need any assistant because the remote control is hidden under your armpit.
Both of your hands are totally free during the whole performance. Beautiful design and impression of handling.

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The trick is portable because the base is detachable. Complete with a mirror with wooden frame, detachable base, multifunctional remote control.
You need to prepare two of 12V,23A, one 9V alkaline batteries and one 45cm x 45cm silk .
Shipping the product has a dimensional weight: 3.1kg
The product actual weight:1.4kg